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TA & Training

dataCHATT technical assistance (TA) and training is for Ryan White Programs to strengthen the collection and utilization of data toward supporting the care and services provided by HRSA/HAB and the Ryan White community.

Recommendations for TA and training through dataCHATT are being finalized. We anticipate working with HAB and grantees to address a range of data-related needs which may include:

  • Improving data collection practices
  • Strengthening or modifying data management strategies
  • Modifications to an existing local data system
  • Linking multiple data systems/merging data from more than one system
  • Using data for program planning (e.g. service and care coordination, service need projections, measurement)

dataCHATT will provide TA and training through a range of formats including web-casts, written materials, distance and on-site TA and by promoting linkages and sharing of best-practices between grantees. We are currently reviewing the results of a data needs and capacity assessment in the context of other available resources. Based on these results and review of available resources, JSI will develop and present recommendations for TA and training resources and activities.

Contact us with your thoughts, ideas, or questions!

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